SANOVO Case Packer 160

Over the years, the automation process after the grader lanes has become very important. It requires high precision at high speed.

With the SANOVO Case Packer 160, we have increased the capability to pack different products in a wide range of containers, while designing a machine with reduced dimensions so that it can be installed in line with the grader. Speed was also a key priority during the development of this new machine; it is able to reach 160 cph (80 cph per line). Numerous options are available such as, for instance, the open lid detector and, of course, a conti-flow system for customers who need to locate the packing station some distance from the grading station. If necessary, a top tray denester can be supplied in order to place a seventh tray on top of the stack.

Case Packing

The SANOVO Case Packer handels up to 57,600 eggs / hour (160 cases / hour).

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