Spray Drying equipment

The SANOVO Gentle Air Box Dryer is designed for a wide range of food products and to produce high quality powders at lowest energy consumption.

Storing and conservation of perishable food has always been a challenge. Drying is a well-known method for prolonging the shelf life of foodstuff. Another advantage of drying is that the weight and volume of the product is significantly reduced and thereby reducing transport and storage costs. For liquid products spray drying offers a gentle process that sustains the nutritional and functional characteristics of the product. Spray dried products are usually easily dissolved restoring the liquid product it started out as.

The SANOVO Gentle Air Box Dryer is a spray dryer that will transform your liquid product into a shelf-stable and long-lasting powder. The design is compact and easy to operate making it the obvious solution for small to medium size spray drying companies.

The SANOVO Gentle-Air Box Spray Dryer can be equipped with numerous types of customer-engineered equipment both upstream and downstream to ensure the desired quality and packaging of your product.

The upstream process is important to produce the best possible feed for the dryer. We can help you with UF concentration of the feed to increase the solids content in the feed for the dryer and thereby increasing the powder production.

For agglomeration and cooling of the powder, a fluid bed can be installed. When the product is turned into powder it has to be packed and stored. We offer semi-automatic and automatic packaging lines for food and feed powders.

When handling a perishable product there will be a risk of microbiological growth in the feed line. Therefore the dryer is supplied with automatic CIP if the feedline right from the product tank to the nozzle of the dryer.



Spray Dryer

  • Capacity from 100 to 3000 l/h water evaporation
  • Small foot print
  • No loss of products (higher yield)
  • Reduced project CAPEX

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Spray drying your product

The SANOVO Gentle Air Box Dryer can be used for drying a wide range of products. The wide range of sizes available enables the box dryer to be the desired choice for both smaller startup companies and for medium-sized well-established spray dried powder producers.

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Test center

Pilot Spray Drying Machine

Test your product at our Spray Drying Test Center in Denmark. You can book our entire Spray Drying Test Center and test your product on our Box Spray Dryer before investing in the machine.

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