Spray Drying Industrial Applications

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Turning your liquid into valuable powder

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY’s Box Dryer is unique, it is the only type of spray dryer that has everything in a box. The design enables the dryer to be installed in low buildings, giving a significant saving on cost compared to vertical dryers. The compact box dryer design is in accordance with the legislation in EU, ATEX compliant and build with respect with the increased demands for food safety and health.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY PROCESS has its own test center and laboratory. At the test center our experts can spray dry samples of your product and in the laboratory, the feed and powder can be analyzed. The spray drying tests will be used to configure the right dryer for your product.

Besides being a test center, it also facilitates training and education for our customers. Furthermore, our skilled experts can be online on your system for guidance and advice regarding the drying process.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY PROCESS is the world leader in manufacturing box dryers and our representation is worldwide.
We have the knowledge and skills to help you choose the right dryer.

Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reduced building height
  • Less cleaning and more uptime
  • No loss of products (higher yield)
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Preservation of product properties
  • Nozzle atomisation
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Test center

Pilot Spray Drying Machine

Test your product at our Spray Drying Test Center in Denmark. You can book our entire Spray Drying Test Center and test your product on our Box Spray Dryer before investing in the machine.

Learn more about the pilot unit

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Martin Gross

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Spray Drying Industrial Applications

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Karen Bülow-Olsen

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Spray Drying Industrial Applications

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