Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

The SANOVO Gentle-Air Spray Drying Systems for egg liquid products or other similar liquid food ingredients are available in various sizes and can be equipped with numerous types of customer-engineered equipment.

The spray dryers are of the horizontal type and are generally smaller than other dryers with the same capacity, and can often be installed in an existing building.

Challenge us with your product
Reserve time for a test trial

We have installed a box dryer to carry out trials for our existing and new customers.

We invite you to send us a sample of your liquid product, in order to test the quality and properties of your spray dried product produced on our Gentle Air Box Dryer.

This is an ideal opportunity for you, when developing new products for the market.

Experience the box dryer in action

We will plan a reference visit for you at one of our existing customer's plants.

This gives you the opportunity to see the box dryer in action and learn from others’ experiences.



Typical products

Meat Products:

Chicken and meat broth, fish proteins, hydrolyzed meat products, whole blood, plasma and hemoglobin.

Dairy & Egg Products:

Milk, cheese, lactose, whey and whey protein concentrate (WPC), whole egg, yolk and egg white

Food & Ingredients:

Yeast, yeast cell walls, malt extracts, fat proteins

Vegetable Products:

Soy, sunflower, bean, peas, tomato

.... and many more

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Spray drying White Paper
The use of Spray drying in egg products

The process of spray drying has been around for many centuries. Spray-dried liquid egg offers numerous benefits, for egg product manufacturers and customers alike.

Since each spray-drying technique has its own pros and cons, it is important to make a carefully considered decision when choosing spray-drying equipment. With the right spray-drying system, the advantages include a much longer product shelf life, reduced product volume and weight, improved food safety and lower production costs.


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