Two infeed rails support the egg trays as they are pushed through the process by a conveyor chain equipped with pusher lugs. As in the inoculator, the harvester operates on an Electric Servo Drive.

The major stations of the harvester are:

Trolley docking

The trolley gets pushed manually into the approximate location and the Trolley Loader/ Unloader pulls and locks the trolley into position.

Trolley scanning

The Trolley Unloader scans trolleys shelves with state-of-the-art software.

Tray Capture

Spatulas enter the trolley, as they do traditionally. Cylinders lift, as spatulas retract with the trays. Cylinders now lower into position.

Pusher system

The large liner cylinder pushes trays on the conveyor.

Conveyor transfer

The short conveyor provided is synchronised with any egg-related machine.