Two infeed rails support the egg trays as they are pushed through the process by a conveyor chain equipped with pusher lugs. As in the inoculator, the harvester operates on an Electric Servo Drive.

The major stations of the tray washer are:


The tray washer can be easily retrofitted to one or several egg-related machines.

Conveyor system

The starting conveyor works with any egg-related equipment. This typically changes from company to company.

Washer unit

The tray washing starts at the washer unit. The trays are blasted from every angle under high pressure with hundreds of nozzles using warm treated water. At this stage, all trays are free of any debris.

Sanitizer unit

The next step in the egg tray cleaning process is to sanitise the trays. The trays are held under extremely hot treated water for a period of time to kill all possible viruses. At this stage, all trays are sanitised.

Air tight wall

There is a wall built around the Sanitiser Unit, which separates the virus room from the non-virus room. This wall contains absolutely no air gaps.

The trays must go under water in the Sanitiser Unit to get from one room to the next. If the water level falls below a certain level, an automatic door slams shut sealing all air gaps and shutting the system down. During the CIP cycle, the sanitiser door will automatically close, assuring that no air will ever pass through rooms.

Transition area

A 90° conveyor is installed to fit our tray washer in a preexisting room. Typically, a bridge system is used here, preparing the trays for the final unit.

Final rinse / Blower unit

Here, we rinse off all the sanitiser chemicals with high pressure heated water. The trays are now officially pharmaceutical clean. Another section of this unit is the blower system, which forces all the water off the trays. The trays are blasted under high pressure air at every possible angle.

Final conveyor

A final conveyor or chute assembly is installed to finish the tray washing process. From here, the trays can be manually unloaded or automatically unloaded with our Trolley Unloader.