Incoming trays are supported by rails and driven by an electric servo drive system. This conveys the tray through the inoculator machine.

The major stations of the inoculator are:

Tray Infeed Station

Trays are typically introduced into the inoculator manually. As an option infeed conveyor, trolley unloader and de-stacker can be added to automate this process.

Inoculation Station

Perforates the eggshells and injects a measured amount of virus-laden seed material into 36 or 42 eggs simultaneously. The inoculation head design permits doses as small as 0.1 ml to be delivered to each egg with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.


Primary machine controls are contained within the main control box located on the machine. The control box is fabricated from stainless steel and has gasketed access doors. All motors and gearboxes are designed for pharmaceutical wash-down. Customers choose between the Allen-Bradley, Siemens or Omron operator interface terminal with a touch screen control system.

Lift Station

Eggs are lifted from the tray and positioned under a guide plate, allowing each egg to be inoculated precisely to a pre-determined depth.

Unloading Station

After inoculation the trays are typically exiting the inoculator manually. As an option, exit conveyor, trolley loader and stacker can be added to automate this process.