Single-Needle Injector Assembly

The patented injector needle pierces the eggshell and provides a precision delivery of vaccine during every transfer. Unlike other systems, our needle is wiped clean after every injection.

SANOVO VAX needles are substantially stronger, less restrictive and have a low occurrence of either bends or breakage allowing for accurate vaccine delivery. The 18 gauge needle is recommended by vaccine manufacturers’ as the minimum diameter in which to deliver the Marek’s Vaccine. The patented cross-cut design will not hook, eliminating the risk of creating an entrapment area for harmful contaminates.

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Advanced Transfer Cup Design

Our patented transfer cup system does not alter the air pressure inside the egg and, as a result, keeps contaminates and pathogens where they belong, on the outside of the egg, far away from the unprotected embryo.

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Vaccine lines

All lines used for the delivery of vaccines are transparent allowing for quick and reliable inspections during transfer.

How you benefit
Every other bag of vaccine is dyed allowing the operator to see the vaccine flow through the entire machine; No need to waste expensive vaccine, using a quality control plate.

Vaccine Efficacy

SANOVO VAX Machine operates with significantly less disturbance and as a result very high efficacy. Traditionally our vaccine lines are much shorter and with non-ribbed interior walls. Our needles are 18-G in diameter and equipped with a funnel-like end.

How you benefit
The design of the SANOVO VAX gives the vaccine a smoother ride to the needle and is a main contributor for limiting cell-loss.
The funnel-like end allows for a clean transition point from the vaccine line, and our needle size reduces turbulence further protecting the integrity of the cell.

Vaccum Souce

The SANOVO VAX Machine utilizes a Venturi-System to create vacuum necessary to pick up the eggs for transfer to the hatching basket.

How you benefit
Unlike vacuum created by electric motors this technology allows for a complete and fully automatic cleaning of the interior of the machine to include suction cups, transfer plate assembly and vacuum lines at the end of each transfer day.

Volumetic Manifolds

The patented volumetric manifolds individually measure and deliver to each egg the exact required vaccine dosage regardless of temperature, vaccine density, interior obstructions, or any restrictions at the needles end.

How you benefit
Quick, clean and accurate delivery of desired dose of vaccine to each and every hatching egg.

Battery Operated

The machine is equipped with rechargeable batteries that can perform up to three complete transfers (more than 3 million eggs) before requiring recharge.
During storage, the machine is plugged into an electrical outlet to fully and safely recharge its batteries. Our advanced technology allows the equipment to operate on either battery or electric power.

How you benefit
Greater mobility. Further you have full protection even if your facility is challenged by electrical power surges, corroded electrical outlets, and minimal electric ground controls. In addition, the battery power feature prolongs the life of all electronics by eliminating power surges.

Operator Friendly

SANOVO VAX’s control panel is both advanced and operator friendly, color-coded, and multi-lingual.

How you benefit
Our electronics contains self-diagnostics, vaccine usage information and a dosage histogram indicating how long the vaccine bag has been on the machine, and automatically stops when vaccine is low. SANOVO VAX operating system gives the hatchery manager access to other critical data for planning purposes.

Removal of both clear and early dead eggs
Infertile Egg Remover

Integrating the infertile Egg Remover Technology into the SANOVO VAX allows for the removal of both clear and early dead eggs prior to inoculation.

A hatchery can choose when to utilize the Infertile Egg Remover to improve processing and outcomes.

Reduce cost of vaccine
Vaccine Optimizer

Using smart candling technology allows the hatchery to utilize the Vaccine Optimizer to selectively administer in-ovo vaccine during the transfer process.

Utilizing our Vaccine Optimizer system will result in an average in-ovo vaccine savings of 10%.


The SANOVO VAX Machine is equipped with a set of manifolds insuring the successful delivery of sanitizer to each individual injector; the needle rests in a pool of sanitizer located inside the injector body optimizing its disinfection. The sanitizer is replaced after each in-ovo inoculation. Each injector is equipped with bumper-wipers designed to remove organic materials and potential contaminates from each and every needle allowing the sanitizer to work instantly, no time wasted breaking down bio-film. If the needle surface is not mechanically wiped and exposed directly to the disinfectant it becomes highly problematic and questionable if the instrument ever gets clean.

It is a common occurrence that contaminated eggs, pressurized due to fermentation, explode sending their fluids many inches into the air. As vaccinated eggs are moved to the back section for transfer these exploders’ squirt onto the injectors and assembly plate in their pathway. The SANOVO VAX Machine is equipped with an automatic sanitizer sprayer that insures that the injectors, bumper/ wipers and transfer assembly are rinsed after every injected tray.