SANOVO Infertile egg remover

Providing Clean In-Ovo Vaccination

Removal of infertile eggs and early-dead embryos before inoculation.

Many poultry integrators see a need for an automated system that will reliably identify both infertile eggs and early-dead embryos, allowing for their removal prior to inoculation at transfer.

Utilizing the SANOVO Infertile Egg Remover (IER) together with the SANOVO VAX Machine allows for the removal of these eggs from hatching trays before vaccination, this reducing the occurrence of contamination.

A hatchery can choose when to utilize the SANOVO Infertile Egg Remover (IER) candling
Device to improve processing and outcomes.

SANOVO Infertile egg remover

SANOVO Infertile egg remover

  • Providing clean vaccination and a more productive hatchery operation
  • Increased air-flow and consistency inside the hatcher machine
  • Less occurrence of eggs breaking on chicks during shell separation
  • CIP Technology allowing for full wash-down, both inside and out
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