In-Ovo Vaccination

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Providing clean in-ovo vaccination

Commercial poultry production is larger than it’s ever been before, and your responsibilities in the hatchery have never been greater.

Some of the challenges that accompany this growth include the demand for higher hatchability rates, greater sanitation and improved solutions to fight diseases. With all of this happening alongside increased competition and cost pressures, poultry producers need a partner committed to providing advanced technologies and flexible support.

Our core focus is to develop and provide advanced in-ovo vaccination systems to help hatcheries cost effectively improve flock health and increase poultry production.

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We are aware of our social responsibilities and especially our responsibilities to our own stakeholders.

These include employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant interested parties. We are also aware that we must ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal. 

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SANOVO VAX In-Ovo Vaxination brochure

To have a more in-depth look at this interesting technology, please download our brochure.

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In-ovo vaccination is a very efficient and gentle method to ensure a fast, reliable and cost-effective protection, and thereby improve flock health and increase poultry production. The in-ovo injection system is developed surrounding three core objectives: prevention, protection and production.

Multiple distinct technologies are combined to ensure improved hatchability, consistently accurate vaccine delivery and reduced risk of contamination in a high production capacity environment. These features, among others, make SANOVO VAX the obvious choice if your hatchery wants the most reliable and technologically advanced in-ovo vaccination system in the world.

SANOVO VAX In-Ovo Vaxination brochure

To have a more in-depth look at this interesting technology, please download our brochure.

How it works:

Incubating and hatching trays are either manually loaded, or, in an in-line configuration, automatically inserted into the SANOVO VAX System.


The injection assembly is lowered onto the positioned eggs. A single needle pierces the shell and delivers the vaccine in one efficient step. The single needle design reduces friction and vaccine turbulence.


Utilising an intelligent, High Precision Vaccine Delivery System (HPVDS), each egg is injected with a precise volume of vaccine. The volume can be adjusted upon request to accurately deliver from 0.05 ml to 0.1 ml of vaccine.


Vaccinated eggs are automatically transferred to hatching baskets. The innovative transfer system does not alter the pressure inside the eggs. This keeps the contamination risk very low, as pathogens and potential contaminated air are not introduced or sucked into the interior of the egg.


Needles and injectors are thoroughly disinfected after each inoculation. The SANOVO VAX System has been designed to maintain maximum bio-security and incorporates a programmable pre- and post-operation disinfection system.