Shelf Life Extension

Prolong the shelf life of pasteurised egg products.

The approval of Nisin (Delvo®Nis) by EU authorities for use in liquid egg products offers opportunities to extend the shelf life of your liquid egg products. The product is also approved in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In liquid egg, Delvo®Nis will prevent the growth of food poisoning spore-forming bacteria, like Listeria monocytogenes and Bacillus cereus, of which typically 1.0% survives the pasteurisation treatment. Refrigerated temperatures provide ideal growth conditions for these bacteria, which pose a threat later in the food chain. Delvo®Nis can increase the safety of food processors’ products, delivering high quality and safe liquid egg products, scrambled eggs, omelets or pancake mix to the end consumer. Moreover, the use of Delvo®Nis in egg applications can help food processors, allowing milder thermal treatments, improving functional properties and maintaining appropriate shelf life.


  • A natural preservative
  • Prolong shelf life
  • Based on active Nisin
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

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