High Pasteurization Temperature

High pasteurisation temperature

Would you like to produce egg white-based drinks with a nice milky appearance?

For production of egg white-based drinks, it is now possible to pasteurise egg white up to 70° C with the use of Maxipro NPU. Furthermore, the egg white product gets a nice milky appearance, which makes the drink look more appealing. This is perfect for egg white-based drinks, where you also require a long shelf life.

Maxipro NPU
  • Pasteurise at higher temperatures
  • Nice milky appearence
  • Perfect for egg white-based drinks


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For further information on how to apply this in your production process, don't hesitate to contact us. We can assist you with processing details, providing samples for tests and give inspiration on how your business can benefit from producing egg white products pasteurised at high temperatures.

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