Improve your final product with MAXAPAL® A2

MAXAPAL® A2 is a pure, non-animal derived phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzyme that helps to improve egg yolk and whole egg emulsifying properties. You will be able to produce enzyme-modified egg yolk, also called 'heat stable' egg yolk.

Heat stable egg yolk (or whole egg) has many advantages when used in emulsified applications. Egg yolk/whole egg treated with MAXAPAL® A2 has a higher level of lyso-lecithin, leading to an improved emulsification performance of the yolk/whole egg.

Heat stable egg yolk or whole egg results in an increased thermo tolerance in mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and other emulsified systems. This enables higher pasteurisation temperature of emulsified systems containing enzyme-modified egg, resulting in a longer shelf life.

The use of enzyme-modified egg yolk increases firmness and viscosity of dressings and mayonnaise, so that less or no synthetic emulsifiers or additives are needed. Increased firmness of mayonnaise and dressings provide better shelf life against oil coalescence and separation. By using enzyme-modified egg yolk in dressings and mayonnaise, it is also possible to enhance creaminess and mouth feel of the products.



The enzyme MAXAPAL® A2 is an identical and simple to use substitute for the traditionally used porcine pancreas derived PLA2 enzymes to produce enzyme-modified egg products. MAXAPAL® A2 is a very pure enzyme which means that it has very limited side activities. So you have no risk of amylase problems in your heat stable egg yolk product. Furthermore, MAXAPAL®A2 is kosher and halal approved.

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