De-sugaring of egg products prior to spray drying prevents Maillard reaction/brown colour in egg white powder during drying and pasteurisation.

In addition, it keeps the protein solubility of whole egg powder high for a longer period of time during storage. We have the enzymes and technology available for fast and reliable de-sugaring of your egg products.

MAXAPAL® GO4 has been developed for the removal of sugar (glucose) from liquid egg white, whole egg and egg yolk before spray draying. This extends the shelf life of the products and reduces the risk of browning (Maillard reaction) during drying and powder pasteurisation.

The use of MAXAPAL® GO4 instead of other de-sugaring methods with, for example, microbes, increases food safety. You introduce less microorganisms to digest the glucose which leads to a safer egg product.

  • Reduced risks of micro-biological contaminations
  • No special need for temperature control for the de-sugaring process
  • Faster complete de-sugaring
  • Better taste
  • Safer process and final product



It has been developed for a fast and complete removal of H2O2 after de-sugaring with MAXAPAL® GO4, or after cold or mild pasteurisation with H2O2.


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