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How can you enhance the functionalities of egg products?

The use of enzymes can improve different functionalities in egg products. Different enzymes works under different conditions, and the right processing parameters has to be known. SANOVO PROCESS SOLUTIONS can supply you with the enzymes and know-how to improve different functionalities in your egg products. Learn more

What are the applications for egg product enhancing enzymes?

- Maxapal® A2:
Enzyme modified/heat stable egg yolk with better emulsifying properties.

Enzyme modified/heat stable whole egg with better emulsifying properties.

Improve whipping properties of egg white

- Maxapal® GO4:

Desugaring of egg products before spray drying, to prevent browning effect, and maintain protein solubility.

- Maxapal® C10:
Breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. 

To be used in desugaring process and for cold pasteurization

- Maxipro® NPU:
Higher pasteurization temperature of egg products.

Egg white powder which is easy to disolve.

Freeze/thaw stable egg yolk without salt or sugar

- Delvonis Nisin:
Shelf life extension of liquid egg product

What benefits does it give to modify your egg yolk products with Maxapal A2?

By treating egg yolk with Maxapal A2, you improve the emulsifying properties of egg yolk. This gives advantages when it is used in different applications like sauce, dressings, mayonnaise and some bakery application. In many applications you can use less egg yolk, your emulsions will become heat stable, and the stability of the product will be better