Tray Washer

Efficient, compact and labour-saving design

The range of SANOVO Tray Washers offers destacking, washing, stacking and drying of plastic trays.

The fully automatic process makes our tray washer the most labour-saving tray washer on the market. The design of the machine is the most advanced design in the industry, offering high output and top-class washing performance.

By focussing heavily on reducing the number of staff required to operate the machinery, we have become the first company to develop a fully automatic spin dryer. This means that only one operator is required to handle the entire operation.

Tray Washer

Capacity from 6,500 plastic trays per hour
Combining high output with washing performance
Safe de-stacking of dirty trays
Reducing operating costs
Washing with power nozzles
Stacking and counting prevents extra handling
Bone-dry trays improve hygiene
Monitored performance
Labour-saving washer

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