Pallet Washer

Easy washing of pallets

Models for 50 and 100 pallets / dividers per hour:

  • Manually loaded with the pallets/dividers washed in a vertical position.
  • Can be equipped with a conveyor returning the pallets/dividers back to the loading area.

Models for 150 and 200 pallets/dividers per hour, stacks of pallets and dividers:

  • Loaded and unloaded on a conveyor belt by a forklift. The pallets/dividers are automatically destacked prior to washing and stacked again after washing.
  • Consists of three parts: an infeed section, a washer with destacker and stacker, and a delivery section. Those sections can be built together in a straight line, or with 90° bends between the sections, making 'L'- shaped, 'U'- shaped and 'Z'-shaped layouts possible.

Both models can be electrically heated, by means of direct or indirect steam or by means of hot water.

Pallet Washer

We offer four pallet/divider washers with capacities of 50, 100, 150 and 200 pallets / dividers per hour.

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