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Your business is our concern

The complexity of today’s modern egg processing and grading installations is very high and in order to work optimally, all aspects of the plant must be integrated.

Choosing SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is your insurance that you will get the most out of the investment.

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, our customers are the most important assets, and we want you to feel as such. When you place an order with us, you become a part of a dedicated global organisation who will thrive to make your production and business a success.

Benifits for you

The complexity of today’s modern egg processing and grading installations is very high, and it requires expertise and knowledge to make an successful integration.

  • A world class consulting service within customised and innovative turnkey solutions
  • Allocated team of specialists with one dedicated contact person
  • All products are supplied by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and installed by experienced technicians.
  • Customised operator training
  • Training by egg product specialists
  • Know-how on processing
  • Preventive maintenance and availability of parts
  • Access to service on-demand
Work Process

Your project involves the entire organisation of SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. When an agreement has been entered, an experienced team of technicians, project and service managers will make sure that your order will be fulfilled in the best way possible.

Customer request

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we appreciate your requests and will always allocate our experienced and dedicated consultants to give you a comprehensive reply. We place our commercial knowledge at your disposal and discuss with you on how to produce attractive and competitive products for your market.


We will discuss and advise you on your request to secure optimal technical functionality. Our team of highly skilled experts in layout and planning will work closely with you and combinate equipment to get the best and most flexible solution, as well as optimal infrastructure at your plant. We will also provide you with our recommendations for the best solutions within flooring, wall coverings, air pressure, light, etc.


When you decide to place an order with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, you become part of a dedicated global organisation with highly skilled teams, who will strive to make your production and business successful on the global market.

Project Management

As our customer you will have a team of specialists and a dedicated project manager working on your project. This team will ensure that your project is produced and installed according to your specifications.

You will be allocated one dedicated project manager who will follow you closely in the planning phase, during installation and startup and in the after-sales support during the warranty period.

Installation, start-up & training

After passing a systematic test, all equipment is supplied directly from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. The equipment is installed by experienced SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP technicians. This is your guarantee that your equipment will be supplied and installed as agreed. Upon your approval, an acceptance agreement is signed and the warranty period starts.

Before starting up production of egg products, your staff must be properly trained. Our experienced and highly skilled product experts will train your staff in the operation of the equipment and teach them about machine configuration, alteration, maintenance and output.

Service & Maintenance

Our equipment is built to last, but as with everything else, it needs care to perform at its peak 24/7.

With service and support from the people who know your equipment the best, you can enjoy total peace in mind. SANOVO Service is set up to support you and your organisation with technical know-how in order for you to maximise performance and efficiency and minimise downtime.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is a global organisation with representatives in all regions of the world. Our dedicated, worldwide service personnel are always within easy reach and ready to solve your urgent problems, or provide regular maintenance visits.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the only supplier which can supply the entire factory from egg breaking & separation, pasteurisation to drying. There is only one contact person during installation, commissioning and follow-up service. For us, that was the decisive advantage. We have also had a good experience with SANOVO’s daughter company, STAALKAT, in Aalten, Holland.

Mr Andreas Hütter, Owner of Eivita


The cooperation with the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been extremely constructive. It has answered our needs in terms of performance and adapting automation to our specific requirements.

Looking back, it was a fundamental and winning strategy to use a single supplier that took on the whole project without neglecting any details.

Marie Pierre Thomas, Production Manager, and Loic Thomas, Owner, Les Æufs Geslin

Les Oeufs Geslin
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