Wave Technology

Extended shelf life while products maintain their functional properties.

SANOVO’s patented WAVE TECHNOLOGY, is a system that applies to the liquid egg a high frequency / high voltage electrical fields.

The heat is generated by interactions between the moving particles that form the current and the ions that composed the product, so stressing bacteria without compromising the functionality property.

The SANOVO WAVE TECHNOLOGY instantaneously transfers a huge quantity of energy in a fraction of a second. The energy is transferred to the entire product mass allowing a uniform heating. As the product is heated directly by the kinetic energy, it allows product heating up just below the coagulation point.

It is a stand-alone apparatus that can be joined to every configuration of pasteurisers. It does not influence or change the pre-existing process.

Wave Technology

SANOVO’s patented WAVE TECHNOLOGY is a system that applies to the liquid egg a high frequency / high voltage electrical field.

With SANOVO WAVE TECHNOLOGY, a processor can achieve ten times more bacterial inactivation compared to any other pasteurisers, with extremely low impact on functional properties.

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Perfect for ice cream pasteurization

Pasteurizer for Ice Cream

Extend your production time, increase the volume of your existing products, and start producing products you have never been able to produce – without fouling your pasteurizer.

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"Exactly what I was looking for"

Learn how ALBERT S.R.L., a leading Italian manufacturer of bases for ice cream, found the SANOVO Wave as the perfect match for their ice cream production.

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Wave White Paper

The use of the innovative WAVE system

The innovative WAVE system invented by SANOVO enables a liquid egg product to be pasteurised at an extremely high temperature, while leaving the functional properties of the product unchanged.


I’ve used SANOVO as a partner and followed their advice on how to produce a high quality product. I’ve invested in the WAVE technology, because there’s no similar technology available on the market which can inactivate bacteria and keep the functional properties in the egg product.

Mr Masahiro Shirai (present general manager)

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