Extend your shelf life with pasteurization

The heating section is the core of a pasteurization system - ensuring uniform and stable heating of the products.

The SANOVO Pasteurizers can be equipped with three types of heating sections: plates, tubular, or a combination of both. All sections are suitable for all egg products, but choosing the correct one depends on the parameters and the required type of final product.

The main differences between tubular and plates are the footprint, the heating time, the pressure drops, the inspection ability, the maintenance costs and the cleaning procedures.


Termal cycles & amp; Capacities
Whole egg From 62° C to 70° C (up to 75° C with WAVE technology)
Albumen From 55° C to 58° C (up to 60° C with WAVE technology)
Yolk From 62° C to 68° C (up to 72° C with WAVE technology)
Salted and sugared products Up to 72° C
Heat recovery From 73% to 85%
Production times Up to ten hours continuously without cleaning*
Flow rates From 500 to 20,000 l/h
Holding times 210 seconds and other configurations available on demand
Sterilisation Sterilisations 90° C standard 130° C for ESL and VESL products

*) Depending on product and type of pasteurisation


The SANOVO Pasteurizer can be configured, following the customer specifications. We have the possibility to configure pasteurisers for high viscosity salted and sugared products, ESL products with very high pasteurisation temperature, following a high sterilisation cycle.

Our capacity range is from 600 to 10,000 litres/hour

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