It all begins with loading

In most egg processing plants, the production begins with the loading of eggs. In order to run an efficient plant, it is therefore absolutely vital to have efficient and stable loading of eggs.

SANOVO specialises in supplying loading solutions for wet and dry conditions and in optimum handling of different types and qualities of eggs, whatever paper or plastic tray or combination is used.

The SANOVO Loaders are available for capacities up to 201,600 eggs/hour (560 cases/hour). All loaders are constructed by several symmetric modules, which can be put together in various layouts according to the layout requirements. Limitation in process plant layout is no longer an issue.

All of our loaders are designed to handle all kinds of hen eggs and trays. Using the latest technology, the SANOVO OptiLoaders uses a servo-controlled gear motor, making the mechanical system reliable and easy to maintain as the electronic system is self-adjusting.


  • 54,000 - 201,600 EGGS/HOUR
  • 150 - 560 CASES/HOUR
  • For egg breaking
  • For egg grading
  • 14,400 - 48,600 EGGS/HOUR
  • 40 - 135 CASES/HOUR
  • For egg breaking
  • For egg grading
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