Product Recovery
Ultra Filtration of water and eggs mixture

The SANOVO ProductRecovery uses advanced ultrafiltration technology to avoid valuable egg products ending up as wastewater. With ProductRecovery from SANOVO you can restore egg products from wastewater and the output is whole eggs with standard product quality.

When cleaning egg processing equipment, a certain amount of egg products end up as a mixture of eggs and water. With ultrafiltration, you can restore solid content of the mixture coming from the initial and final phase of the production, both raw and pasteurized egg products. By adding SANOVO ProductRecovery to your production line you can increase your productivity and reduce the cost of your production.

This machine has a small footprint and is skid mounted for easy installation. It is very simple to use and has a high level of automation. This means that the operator doesn't need to spend much time monitoring the machine and his resource can be used elsewhere in the production. 

The machine is delivered with complete automatic dry matter control. That makes it simple and easy for you to get the output you want. Set the machine to the desired dry matter and that's the output you get. No need for continuous testing to get the result you want. This machine will get it right the first time. As the inlet product as not a fixed dry matter, an automatic DM control is integrated with the machine.

For a good ultrafiltration procedure, the heating of the product is important. The product recovered from the lines is usually at around 4 Celsius and the best concentration is around 35 Celsius. Once heated up and concentrated the product must be cooled down to avoid bacterial growth. The ProductRecovery from SANOVO delivered with heating and cooling advanced technology.

Your machine will be tested before shipping and will be ready for production following the SANOVO 'Plug&Go' concept.

Product Recovery

Product Recovery

  • Less waste treatment costs
  • Recovered product with original property and quality
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Automatic dry matter content control
  • Increase productivity
  • Small footprint, easy installation and simple to use
Easy use - production and cleaning
  1. Connect the Water-Mixed product container
  2. Connect the final product container
  3. Start production of SANOVO ProductRecovery

The system runs automatically until the product has completely recovered.

  1. Connect the hose pipes
  2. Start cleaning of SANOVO ProductRecovery

The system runs the cleaning automatically using the detergents

What is ultrafiltration?

Ultrafiltration is a technology which separates fluids into water and solid content.

Used in egg processing the ultrafiltration can separate a mix of water and eggs. Output of this process will be product with the desired dry matter.

Capacity of the ultrafiltration

6% 80 l/h 21 l/h 101 l/h
8% 80 l/h 34 l/h 114 l/h
10% 80 l/h 50 l/h 130 l/h
12% 80 l/h 73 l/h 153 l/h
14% 80 l/h 105 l/h 185 l/h
16% 80 l/h 155 l/h 235 l/h
18% 80 l/h 240 l/h 320 l/h
20% 80 l/h 423 l/h 503 l/h


The capacity of the system depends on the Dry Matter of the Inlet Flowrate that can be different at any time.

The quantity of product recovered depends on different factors

Quantity recovered
  • The total number of eggs produced influence - the higher amount of eggs produced, the higher amount of product lost in the water.
  • Different types of products influence as by all changes of product in, it is necessary to empty the drain and recovery phases to avoid mixing among different products.
  • The configuration of the processing flow and the level of automation of the plant influence the quantity of mixing-product produced in an egg processing factory.

If you feel uncertain whether or not you can benefit from ProductRecovery in your production, please feel free to contact any of our specialists listed below. They will be able to help you analyze your production setup, clarifying what your return on investment will be if you implement the ultrafiltration in your production.

Guideline: The return on investment is less than 3 years for 1 ton of water/egg mixture per day.

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