Unique high yield rate

The egg guiding system in the egg boiler increases the yield rate by gentle and precise movements into the boiling chamber and minimises loss and damaged eggs.

yolk centring system

The yolk centring system in the egg boiler ensures a high visual quality of boiled eggs. The yolk centring is carried out in the pre-heating system. After three minutes at low speed, the yolk is centred with a precision which satisfies the requirements from the consumers of the boiled eggs.

focus on energy consumption

Encapsulation of the egg boiler, as well as automatic control of water level and temperature, ensure low energy consumption. Even with the low power consumption, a boiling process with a temperature of 97.5° C at 18 minutes is obtained for a uniform boiling.

high cooling capability

By the extra cooling capacity, the low yolk core temperature can be obtained. The low temperature ensures an efficient peeling process and minimises further cooling before storing.

no scratch peeling technique

The egg peeling concept is based on no-scratch peeling technique. The peeler has been optimised to reduce the shell impact in the egg to nearly zero. The peeler handles any type of eggs, brown or white, with a unique high yield rate > 98%.

save time in cleaning

The SEPS 20,000 is designed for easy cleaning. The integrated CIP system of the boiler and peeler makes life easier for the operator and saves time for the production of boiled eggs. The open design of the cooler makes it easy to clean.