Minimum amount of no-breaks and product loss
Stress Free Eggs

In order to remove any stress on the egg, the breaker bar is tilted against the direction of movement, thus synchronising the speed of the breaker unit with the roller table.

The breaker unit has been designed to make sure that no shells are lost into the product.

100% CIP Cleanable
Hygienic Design

All internal parts of the SANOVO OptiBreaker are CIP cleaned. CIP cleaning is made possible by a very hygienic design, allowing only vertical or round parts.

In this process the CIP liquids are collected and recycled, reducing manpower and water requirements to a minimum.

Optimanagement System
Process Monitoring

The entire process is monitored by the SANOVO OptiManagement system that will register any loss of egg, as well as keep track of the amount of whole egg. If a certain breaker unit continues to fail, e.g. drop or not break the egg, an alarm will alert the operator, and the unit identified can be brought to the service section for easy and fast replacement.

All production data including egg counting, amount of whole egg, etc. are collected by the control unit and can be monitored on the computer screen.


Minimum Amount of Whole Egg
Gentle Yolk Handling

The yolk is fragile and must be handled as gently as possible. In order to avoid cutting the yolk, the knife is held horizontally at the point of breaking the shell. Subsequently, the entire breaker unit is tilted in order to allow optimal draining of the shell.

The breaker unit and separation cup are two separate units. At the point of breaking and opening the shell, the breaker unit is inside the separation cup, allowing the albumen and yolk to slide gently into the separation cup.

Long and Forced Draining of Shells
Maximizing Yield

After breaking and opening the shell, the entire breaking unit is tilted in order to drain the shell as much as possible. Due to the special design of the OptiBreaker Plus, it is possible to reach an optimal draining time for each egg.

The distance between the breaker bars and separation cups is gradually increased with the effect of forcing the albumen out of the shells to maximise yield.

Intelligent cup washing system
Say Goodbye to Product Loss

To avoid any product loss, the separation cups are kept in a horizontal position throughout the machine and only tilted at the point of emptying. At the same time an 'intelligent cup wash' system has been introduced.

The system can be set to wash the cup only if it continues to create a whole egg more than once in a row. The waste of product in the wash section will be reduced to a minimum; at the same time minimising water consumption.

Clean Albumen and Dry Yolk
Fast Seperation

The OptiBreaker Plus is equipped with a separation cup which is unique in its shape and material. At the point of receiving the product from the breaker unit, the entire separation cup is tilted. This allows the albumen and yolk to slide gently down into the separation cup, ensuring that the fragile yolk remains intact.

The separation cup is designed to allow the thicker part of the albumen to slip over the edge, while the thinner part of the albumen will drain out through passages in the lower part of the cup. The OptiBreaker Plus allows a staggering separation time of no less than five seconds.


Playing It Safe
Highest Operator Safety in the Industry

The SANOVO OptiBreaker has the highest operator safety in the industry and complies fully with all regulations in the CE Directive.

All risk areas are fully capsulated by fences or doors with safety switches. All fences are incorporated in the machine design, so there will be no extra cost for separate safety fences and gates.

Scanning with Computer Vision System
Introducing OptiScan

The OptiBreaker Plus is equipped with a highly efficient scanning system, SANOVO OptiScan, which identifies even the smallest spot of yolk in the albumen.

The separation cup is made of transparent PP (Poly Propylene), which enables the scanner to look through the entire cup including the albumen, but not the yolk.

To the scanner, any yolk will appear non-transparent, and if any yolk is found in the albumen, the scanner will measure the volume. The operator decides the amount of yolk accepted in the albumen – if any, and based on this, the OptiBreaker Plus will bring the individual egg to the whole egg section.