The accumulator is supplied with a plastic belt for optimal cleaning. If the accumulator is full, the process is automatically stopped with pressure control.

Integrated control panel

Simple control, easy to understand and easy to use. If the blue button is activated, eggs will be conveyed forward from the hen house till the first eggs arrive on the accumulator. The same button will automatically empty the machine at the end of the day. An emergency button is standard for your safety.


Egg point down is almost perfect. We can assure you a percentage of more than 99.8. Minimum transfer height from rollers to the cups. The open structure of the cups ensure better treatment of the egg.


Easy cleanable rollers.

Gentle transfer suctionhead

Gentle transfer with suction head to the packing lane. Easy snap off and on setup.


The transfer arm collecting eggs from the cups and bringing to the setter tray is well protected against any interference from the operator.


The denester for automatic feeding of single trays to the packing position. Robust in its design, the denester has capacity for a large amount of trays at any given time. Easy to adapt to different tray types and complete with missing tray detector, the denester offers your operator ease of mind and the ability to focus on the job at hand.