Farmpacker 24000

Best output for your eggs

Investing in packing systems is a long-term relationship. We understand this and make to the point packers that do just what you need: Pack your eggs.

Farmpacker 24000 is built tough with a soft spot for eggs! Providing you with reliability and ease of mind, without worrying about maintenance and down time. The packers just keep working.

Designed with your farm environment in mind. Simple, robust, reliable and flexible. Maximum up-time, 100% correct packing, easy to maintain, all day – every day is the key to optimising your business.

Farmpacker 24000

Farmpacker 24000

Stainless steel combined with hygienic design

Near to no maintenance required

Highest point-setting percentage: >99,8% 

Most gentle egg handling due to special rollers

Highest finish and safety level

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Do you want production optimised by being able to control the weight of supplied cases? Or do you have a premium market that demands continuous uniform size eggs? Then this is your solution.

Owner Drost Pluimveebedrijf

Drost Pluimveebedrijf
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