Repacker 85

Egg packing machine

With a capacity of 30,600 eggs/hour.

  • Denester that automatically supplies the single egg packing material onto the carton transport lane. Handles a wide range of various packing material.
  • Accumulator, for an optimum regulation of the eggs, equipped with pressure control.
  • Carton transport lane, which positions the packing underneath the packer. The carton lane is equipped with automatic closer for most types of 10-12-18 consumer packs.  
  • Double carton detector.
  • The packer inserts the eggs accurately, points down, in the tray. In order to provide the best shelf live.
  • A missing egg detector ensures complete filled packs before closure of the consumer packs. 
  • Take away conveyor brings the cartons to the correct height for taking them away. The conveyor has sufficient accumulation length for 6 filled trays or, depending on the sort, 10 to 17 closed  consumer packs. 
  • Take away conveyor is supplied with a jam indicator  that stops the packer automatically, when the take away conveyor is getting filled up.
  • The working height is adjustable. 
  • An extra table is fitted above the take away table. At the front of this table is a control panel with the on/off switch for the packing lane and various warning lights.

Repacker 85

Egg packing machine with a capacity of 30,600 eggs/hour 


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