Spring loaded easy snapon, snap-off rollers
Detachable rollers

All rollers which are bringing the eggs towards the orientation position can be taken out within minutes whenever cleaning of this section is needed. Rollers are made of a natural rubber compound in combination with soft plastic for the most gentle egg handling possible.

Denester for automatic feeding of single trays to the packing position

Robust in its design, the denester will hold a large number of trays at any given time.

Easy to adapt to different tray types and complete with missing tray detector, the denester offers your operator ease of mind and the ability to focus on the task at hand. Equipped with its own drive unit, the denester can be placed on the right or left side of the Farmpacker.

Less moving parts

Simple in its design, the Farmpacker 70 is built with as few moving parts as possible, using natural flow and gravity to move eggs through the straight in-line packing system.

Easy to understand and most important easy to use.
Simple control

Besides switching the Farmpacker on and off, the same button can be used to inch the machine for cleaning, checking or adjusting. An emergency stop button is standard for your own, and for others' safety.

Perfect point down filling of every tray
Point down

Rollers bring all eggs forward to the guides that bring the eggs to the tray. Just before entering the egg guides, each individual egg is gently turned by a soft silicone disc which ensures perfect point down packing. Minimum height and no rough movement, and no need to drop in a plastic cup.

For buffering up to 6 filled trays
Take away conveyor

Height of the takeaway conveyor can be decided during installation. Pressure control switch will stop the Farmpacker automatically when the conveyor is full and start automatically when emptied.


When opening the cover during operation, the whole process automatically stops to prevent any harm to the operator or to others.

Detachable and highpressure cleanable accumulator.

Within two minutes the part which can contaminate the most can be taken out for a good high pressure cleaning job. Equipped with a pressure control switch for controlling incoming egg flow.