Detachable egg orientation roller for easy cleaning
Detachable rollers

Spring-loaded, easy snap-on, snap-off rollers. The rollers that bring the eggs in for orientation can easily be removed within minutes whenever cleaning of this section is needed.

Denester for automatic feeding of trays to the packing position

The denester will reliably feed each tray to the packing position. Robust in design, the denester will hold a large quantity of trays at any given time. Easy to adapt to different tray types and complete with a missing tray detector, the denester offers your operator ease of mind and the ability to focus on the task at hand.

Equipped with its own drive unit, the denester can be placed on the right or left side of the Farmpacker, together or separately.

Tray stacker

Stacking single pulp or plastic trays into stacks of six trays high. The stainless steel stacker saves labour and reduces cracks from manual stacking trays.

Easy to understand and most important easy to use.
Touch screen control

With the built-in multifunction touch screen, all controls and data collection are integrated in this intuitive control centre.

Speed of the packer head and accumulator can be set by the operator for maximum efficiency during whole laying periods. The speed of both packer sides can be set independently.

Perfect point down filling of every tray
Point down

Rollers bring all eggs forward to the guides that bring the eggs to the tray. Just before entering the egg guides, each individual egg is gently turned by a soft silicone disc which ensures perfect point down packing.

Minimum transfer height, no rough movement and no need to drop in a plastic cup.

For buffering up to 6 filled trays
Outfeed belt

Takeaway conveyor is equipped with pull up function, so by tapping twice on the pressure switch filled stacks are automatically forwarded toward the end position.

Pressure control switch will stop Farmpacker automatically when the conveyor is full and start automatically when emptied.


When opening the cover during operation, the whole process automatically stops to prevent any harm to the operator or to others.

Controlling incoming egg flow
Detachable accumulator

Detachable and high pressure cleanable accumulator. Within two minutes the part which can contaminate the most can be taken out for a good high pressure cleaning job.

Equipped with a pressure control switch for controlling incoming egg flow.

Split belt

With the standard split belt accumulator and its adjustable guides, the egg flow can be separated for each packing head for white and brown eggs, for example.

Drop set

The drop set places every tray coming out of the denester 100% correctly in the tray transport lane.

This unit is placed on top of the tray transport lane and receives a single tray coming from the denester.