Unpack, plug in and pack eggs

The Farmpackers, what you see is what you get. Successful design is more than just shapes and great lines. It’s also about sensing that the equipment is exactly right. A dynamic, robust design, with the smallest footprint, made to pack eggs in the most natural way – straight line, point down!

Thanks to their outstanding performance, proven robustness, low energy consumption and easy maintenance, the Farmpackers are your best choice day in and day out. This is why the Farmpackers are found in all corners of the world.

Every Farmpacker is created with the guiding principle that they should be easy to use, so you can focus on getting your eggs packed and spend less time figuring out how to maintain, determine replacement parts and worrying about up time. If you’ve never owned a Farmpacker, chances are you will know it inside and out in no time.

The Farmpackers are designed with your farm environment in mind. Simple, robust, reliable and flexible. Maximum up-time –100% correct packing – easy to maintain.

Farmpacker 100

Farmpacker 100

Our range of compact and space efficient machines provide you with flexible and efficient production facilities. Our priorities are low maintenance, reliability, easy cleaning and gentle egg handling.

Farmpacker 100 36,000 eggs/hour (100 cases/hour)

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