We handle your egg with care.

We have been the market leader since 1956, and today we offer innovative, high quality and high performing farmpackers, repackers and hatchery machines with a capacity range of 40 to 200 cases per hour.

Our range of compact and space efficient machines provide you with flexible and efficient production facilities.

Our priorities are low maintenance, reliability, easy cleaning and gentle egg handling. The high reliability derives from experienced on-farm engineering and our distinct use of high quality materials. As an example, we use a minimum of plastic parts to avoid frequent replacement of egg holders and other wearable parts, and the simple technical solutions enable you to maintain the machine without any special tools or knowledge. All machines pass an extensive test before shipped to customers all over the world, so you can expect a reliable and efficient packing machine from day one and for many years ahead.

Exactly the service you need
Service is a key to a better business
Exactly the service you need

We take great pride in everything from supplying the smallest spare part to being a lifetime performance partner. Maximum uptime – high yield – improved product quality – all day – every day is the key to optimise your business. Know-how from SANOVO Service will help you achieve this goal.

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Visit us at exhibitions
Visit us at exhibitions

You have the opportunity to visit us at exhibitions all year around the world. We participate in many exhibitions and invite you to visit our stand. Visiting us is a great opportunity for you to see and get the feel of our machinery. We display a range of our machinery and are available for you to discuss your business ideas.

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