The most compact design available
Egg Loading

The SANOVO OptiLoader has years of experience loading poor quality eggs for the egg breaking industry, with both new and used paper and plastic trays.

Each of the three stacks of eggs are independently lifted for pick up. The servo-driven tray destacker and loader transfers 180 or 270 eggs at a time onto the infeed roller conveyor slowly and gently.

Inline / Offline version is available, as well as an optional CIP cleaning system.

Based on a modular principle in order to meet your future requirements
Roller entry conveyor

The roller entry conveyor transports the eggs towards the weighing and insert section. Material of the rollers has been specially chosen to withstand numerous cleaning products.

To reduce cleaning time and improve the sanitation level, a CIP system can be added, from the first roller towards the insert mechanism. The shape of the rollers gives stability, allowing camera-based detection systems to create an optimum performance.

The design minimises horizontal surfaces to reduce dirt accumulation.

Creates an extra packing location without adding to the footprint
Undergrade Conveyor

Our exclusive egg conveyor can send any egg weight or second quality egg out of the grader before the transfer to the chain conveyor.

It allows the off-grades and overweight and underweight eggs to be packed without being transferred into the four-row chain conveyor. From this conveyor, the off-grades can also be send directly to a Breaker or Farmpacker.

Highest filling rate in the industry

The SANOVO Accumulator orients the eggs into 12 or 18 rows with the highest filling rate in the industry.

Belt material has been carefully chosen to minimise the contact surface, while the open construction allows thorough cleaning. Optional CIP cleaning is available.

High performance dirt detector
Dirt Detection

The high performance dirt detector with adjustable sensitivity makes use of an advanced full colour camera vision system that identifies dirt down to 1.0 mm2.

Detected dirty eggs can be sent back to the egg washer or sent to a packing lane.

Reject leakers to reduce contamination
Leak Detector

The leak detector can be installed to reject eggs before the egg washer, reducing water contamination and antifoaming chemicals.

It can be installed after the washer to reject leakers before travelling under the high velocity air drier, reducing the risk of contaminating clean, first quality eggs, or after the drier in tandem with the dirt detector. Rejected leakers will be dropped into a bin or optional auger and centrifuge.

The system is making use of laser light technology placed underneath and away from the egg flow. False rejects are minimised, and shiny wet surfaces do not influence the detection rate.

Washdown with an open sanitary design

A digital, dynamic, stable egg scale weighs each egg with a readout of 0.1 gram and tests itself for recalibrations between each egg.

Our Egg Scale and entire infeed and transfer insert is washdown with an open sanitary design.

The scale is mounted under the egg for maximum stability, observation and ease of cleaning. Calibrating the 12 or 18 weighing scales can be done within minutes. Fragile moving plastic parts are not part of our design.

Wash down and precise crack detection
Crack Detection

The advanced washdown Crack Detector has no moving mechanical or electrical parts. It is not necessary to constantly sense and adjust for the continual variation of egg weights.

This robust system converts the digital signals into multiple crack categories. The operator can determine what level of crack should go to various undergrade categories.

There are no delicate parts or complicated time-consuming cleaning requirements.

Color detection
Grading eggs according to color

With color grading, batches can contain both brown and white eggs. The grader will recognize these eggs and will send them separately to a packing lane, so only a specific color is put into a pack. By color detection, a batch of mixed eggs are available on the infeed and only specific colors are on the lanes.

This optional functionality is possible with the dirt detector and assist to get homogenous color output on your final product. Fully automatic the grader will isolate unwanted egg shell colors or even go further create classes with a unified shade of brown eggs into a pack.

See video explaining color sorting

Reduce contamination and bacteria

The UV system uses ultraviolet technology to reduce contamination and bacteria on the shell surface of the eggs before weighing and packing.

Entry guards ensure that the UV-C light stays within the system. Being detachable, it makes cleaning very easy. If the system is tilted, the safety switches automatically shut down the UV lights to ensure a safe environment for the operator.

The system is detachable for high pressure cleaning
Roller Cleaning System

The roller cleaning system operates in accordance with the infeed rollers and is located under the roller conveyor. Three brushes run and sweep the rollers during operation.

Meet individual egg packaging requirements
Carton Conveyors

A variety of takeaway conveyors lengths are available to meet individual egg packaging requirements. Egg printing, carton labelling, dating and 30-egg tray stacking is all available. Takeaway conveyors are designed to meet the needs by further automation with SANOVO End-of-Line Automation.

The most reliable transfer of your eggs
Insert transfer

The most reliable transfer from 12 or 18 rows of eggs into the chain conveyor in the industry. We have eliminated compound cantilevered motions, delicate machine components and fragile swing arms with critical timing, sensitive to egg weight variations.

The overhead four-row egg conveyor momentarily stops while 48 or 72 eggs are gently lifted into the egg carriers during the right- or left-hand transfer.

One trained machine operator to control all the packer functions
Carton Closer

The new generation, low profile, variable speed carton closer adds reliability and flexibility to the packaging line.

The end alignment, denesting, packing, egg printing, and closing are all on the same side of the system. The double denester feature allows one trained machine operator to control all the packer functions up to 600 cph. There is no need for the operator to crawl back and forth under the machine to manage, observe or help the packing functions.

The system detects large till tiny spots of blood
Blood Detection

Detected blood eggs can be programmed to be ejected out of the egg carrier chain at the end of the grader, or sent to any lane.

The whole system is placed above the egg carrier chain and can be tilted for easy cleaning, which makes it very accessible. Intelligent software recognises the difference between brown or white eggs and adjusts the parameters automatically.

High speed safe egg transfer
Egg Release

The four-row egg carrier chain releases each egg individually by weight and category into soft brushes, the most gentle transfer in the industry.

The brush receiver eliminates a multiple series of critical high speed transfers, risking small hairline cracks that can open after transport and in-store handling. There are no critical transfers or timing issues.

Maximizing your productivity with real-time information
Information screens

Every six packing lanes are equipped with large screens on the back and front as standard.

The information screens provide real-time information of the grader speed, printer texts and current grader status, in order to minimise response time and maximising your productivity.

Reduced changeover with high performing denester

A revolutionary denesting system grabs the inside of the carton or tray with 32 needles and places it directly on the packer lane, increasing reliability.

The packer eliminates pen conveyors and carton jams before packing. Denester adjustments on pack changeover have been reduced, and the denester is manufactured as a refined, accurate machine. A second denester for each packer is available to eliminate changeover down time, doubles the denester carton storage, reducing labour and acting as a backup to damaged or poor quality packaging.

Available on request for your special packaging needs
Special Denester

Our Special Denesters for customers including 24- and 36-egg lidded carton denester. All available without the need to extend the packer base and electronics. Customised denesters are available on request for your special packaging needs.

Keep track of every egg that enters the grader and packer
Touch Screen

The OptiGrader touch screen controls the system and the whole process with large overhead displays for all grading room operators to observe.

The touch screen is ICON-based and a Windows operating system. Accessibility of data and user friendliness go hand in hand.

The menu structure can be determined and altered by each operator, creating the perfect user program for the packing station. Only four inkjet printing heads are required at 600 cases per hour / 216,000 eggs per hour. Traceability software to keep track of every egg that enters the grader and packer is available.