Setting the new standard on hygienic and washable designed grading and packing

The SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP brings you a new generation of egg grading and packing with the OptiGrader, having a capacity up to 600 cases per hour, 216,000 eggs per hour.

This grader is setting higher standards in food safety, egg quality, ease of cleaning, sanitation, machine performance, reliability, cases per man hour and a low usage of spare parts.

The details in this design will make a significant difference in machine efficiency and operating costs in a challenging seven days a week in-line or double shift operation. The OptiGrader can be configured to fit into the same footprint as the older 300 to 400 cases per hour, 108,000 to 144,000 eggs per hour machines. It can be installed with used machinery or other packers on the new grader to reduce your initial investment.

2 models


The gentle egg handling and new software gives every owner the opportunity to pack more Grade A eggs:

OptiGrader 600 in-line 216,000 eggs / hour (600 cases / hour)
OptiGrader 600 off-line 201,600 eggs / hour (560 cases / hour)
OptiGrader 400 in-line 144,000 eggs / hour (400 cases / hour)
OptiGrader 400 off-line 134,280 eggs / hour (373 cases / hour)

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Eighteen years with no production stops was very convincing and made the decision to purchase new machinery from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY easy.

Helder Costa, owner of Casa do Aido

Casa Do Aido

Pallet, Tray and Interlayer washing

Save labour costs by installing machines for automatic washing of pallets, trays and interlayers. 

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