Off-line and In-line

Off-line / in-line supply of eggs or both, the SANOVO GraderPro can be configured to operate with eggs coming directly from the layer houses or from trays and loaded by a SANOVO Optiloader to the SANOVO GraderPro.

Leak, dirt, blood, crack and color

A complete program of all the possible detection systems. Proven technology, with a proven track record. Leak, dirt, blood, crack and color detection can be operated to make sure you can provide the best quality eggs to your customers.

Color detection
Grading eggs according to color

With color grading, batches can contain both brown and white eggs. The grader will recognize these eggs and will send them separately to a packing lane, so only a specific color is put into a pack. By color detection, a batch of mixed eggs are available on the infeed and only specific colors are on the lanes.

This optional functionality is possible with the dirt detector and assist to get homogenous color output on your final product. Fully automatic the grader will isolate unwanted egg shell colors or even go further create classes with a unified shade of brown eggs into a pack.

See video explaining color sorting

Every egg has a tag

From the first detection system in the grader, the software tracks every single egg until packed in the carton.

More exits
Side exits

SANOVO GraderPro offers a standard of three more exits without the use of packing lanes and thereby no pollution of main track or packing lanes.

Four exits
Removal gates

Dirty eggs are removed immediately after the dirt detection and can be taken directly to rewash. No long conveyor belts are needed. Off-grade eggs are removed before the main-track and can be brought directly to the egg breaker.

Well proven
Crack and Weighing

The very robust and well proven weighing and crack detections will serve you efficiently for many years. Everything is washable and easy to clean – simply activate the CIP on the control panel.

Cleaning in Place

Cleaning in place saves both natural recourses as well as manpower. No plastic destroying UVC light. The SANOVO GraderPro can be CIP in the accumulator, infeed, removal gates, crack detectors, weighing scales, inserter and main track. See the blue highlighted piping. The packers and packing lanes can be washed down.

Perfectly orientated eggs

Robust and extremely simple design; a design with no moving parts. The system ensures minimum maintenance costs and at the same time ensures your eggs are perfectly orientated.

Flexible printing
Print top or double row on side

The design of the main track makes it possible to print eggs on top or on the side (or both) and thereby eliminating the need for printers on the packing lanes and therefore keeping your investments to a minimum.

Gentle egg transfer

The newly developed inserter system places the eggs point down and at the same time synchronizes the speed to the main track. This is done in such a way to avoid damaging or stressing the eggs. This ensures an extremely gentle transfer, where your eggs are treated as gently as possible.

Blood detection

Placed at the beginning of the main track, it is very accessible and easy to clean. With zero measurement for each egg to compensate for outside light and the individual color of the egg.

Easy operating
Egg-it Touch

The user-friendly control system, enables you to control the complete grader.

Reduced by up to 25%
Track speed

Very gentle handling of the eggs because track speed is reduced by up to 25%. All eggs are treated very gently, thus giving a high yield of your investment.

Small pootprint

With little footprint and adjusts to every pack individually. High operation reliability even with poor packaging.

No side impact
One direction transfer

All eggs are treated very carefully and throughout the whole machine, they are delivered downwards and with no side impact, thus ensuring a higher yield.

High capacity

The packers have a buffer capacity of 78 eggs each, which eliminates operational stops of the packing lanes.

Monitors/touch screens

For each lane you are able to see all necessary information needed, such as: egg sort class, type of packing, egg level in packing, and total number of eggs packed.

No stop of grader
End release

The end release of the machine frame makes it possible to run the grader on full speed even if the packing lanes are filled up. A possibility is to connect the end release to a breaker system (can be supplied by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP).

Optimize facility
Small footprint

The SANOVO GraderPro has a small footprint along with the highest capacity ever seen in the market, this makes the GraderPro the most efficient grader in the world.