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High Perfomance Egg Grading Machines

Food safety, hygienic design and user-friendly machines are an absolute must in today’s egg grading market, and we want to set the standard.

With a capacity ranging from 70 to 800 cases per hour, we cover everything from small and agile units to the largest grading capacity in the world.

The modular and flexible grader design allows you to configure the lanes to match the logistic flow. The configuration can include egg washers and egg dryers, and it can be equipped with UV disinfection, different types of cleaning systems and, of course, dirt, leak and crack detection.

Our graders have the world’s highest number of standard parts and the lowest number of wear parts compared to anyone, and the open design allows daily cleaning with water, as even the weighing scales and the crack detector are water-resistant. The mile-long feature list also includes self-calibrating scales, the most sophisticated and yet user-friendly software, overhead monitors and, of course, the smallest possible footprints.


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  • 25,200 - 45,000 EGGS/HOUR
  • 70-125 CASES/HOUR
What is Egg Grading?

What is Egg Grading?

Egg grading is the process of sorting eggs according to different characteristics before packing them into egg cartons. These characteristics include weight, quality and color.

Egg grading machines are equipped with quality inspection and detection systems for leaks, dirt, blood, cracks and color. With these capabilities, egg grader machines can determine whether to automatically reject an individual egg or not.

With an egg grading machine, eggs can be sorted and packed according to predetermined options, for instance, color, quality or weight.

Egg Grading Capacity
Egg Grading Capacity

Egg grading capacity is defined by the number of eggs being graded per hour. Grading capacity can also be defined as cases of eggs per hour.

Egg grading capacity is the number of eggs that an automatic egg grader machine grades, sorts and packs into egg cartons per hour.

As an example, a given egg grading machine can have an egg grader capacity of 288,000 eggs/hour. 

SANOVO  - Egg Grading Capacity

SANOVO - Egg Grading Capacity

Egg grading capacity depends on the specifications of the egg grader machine. We offer four different egg grading machines with multiple configurations: GraderPro, OptiBreaker, Ardenta, Alpha.

  • GraderPro - Capacity of 144,000-288,000 egg/hour.
  • OptiGrader - Capacity of 144,000-216,000 eggs/ hour.
  • Ardenta - Capacity of 61,200-108,000 eggs/hour.
  • Alpha - Capacity of 25,200-45,000 egg/hour.  
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