Product launch: SANOVO VAX

Advanced In-Ovo Vaccination System

Reducing antibiotics requires increased bio-security

We are proud to present our SANOVO VAX machines, now with the possibility to add an advanced Infertile Egg Remover unit and a Vaccine optimizer to save expensive vaccine, when not needed. The SANOVO VAX line provide advanced in-ovo vaccination systems to help hatcheries cost-effectively improve flock health and increase poultry production. We proudly present the SANOVO VAX Series which is the most advanced features within in-ovo vaccination system available in the market.

Capacity up to 62,000 eggs/hour depending on configuration.

The SANOVO VAX machine is available as:

  • Automatic series with a proven capacity of 62.000 eggs/hour
  • Manual (semi-automatic) series with a capacity of approx. 40.000 eggs/hour

Available options:

  • Infertile Egg Remover - Removal of both clear and early dead eggs prior to inoculation
  • Vaccine Optimizer - Allowing the hatchery to selectively administer in-ovo vaccine during the transfer process

Learn more and see video of the SANOVO VAX Series