Product launch: SANOVO GraderPro

Highest egg grading capacity

Combined with a small footprint, low maintenance and full automation, this makes the GraderPro the most efficient grader available.

We proudly present the highest egg grading capacity ever seen. The new SANOVO GraderPro handles up to market leading 800 cases/hour. With the GraderPro we introduce several new handling methods and features that secure an extraordinary gentle egg handling. Besides the gentle egg handling we are excited to give you a machine with a minimum of service required, individual egg control and a very efficient cleaning with CIP (cleaning in place).

The SANOVO GraderPro are available in tree models:

SANOVO GraderPro 400 - 144,000 eggs / hour (400 cases / hour)

SANOVO GraderPro 600 - 216,000 eggs / hour (600 cases / hour)

SANOVO GraderPro 800 - 288,000 eggs / hour (800 cases / hour)

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