FOOMA 2017 - exhibition

See you at FOOMA 2017

At FOOMA you will get a unique opportunity to see a range of our machines displayed and a chance to speak with one of our experts who will be ready to discuss your business opportunities.

Get a close up on our machinery

During the exhibition you will be able to see and feel our machinery. We will display our egg breaking machine OptiBreaker Compact 6, a demo version of the Wave Pasteurizer and a Filter. Follow the links to see more about the machines.

Find us in booth 6P-03

JUNE 13-16
Open hours each day 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

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OptiBreaker Compact 6
Egg breaking machine
OptiBreaker Compact 6

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Compact series is designed according to the same principles and with the same technology as the OptiBreaker.

The OptiBreaker Compact series is suitable for egg product producers mainly producing whole eggs. If a smaller part of the product needs to be separated, an option with separation chutes is available.

  • OptiBreaker Compact 6 - 185 cases/hour - 66,600 eggs/hour



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Wave Pasteurizer
Extended shelf life
Wave Pasteurizer

SANOVO’s patented WAVE TECHNOLOGY is a system that applies to the liquid egg a high frequency / high voltage electrical field.

With SANOVO WAVE TECHNOLOGY, a processor can achieve ten times more bacterial inactivation compared to any other pasteurisers, with extremely low impact on functional properties.

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Liquid Filter
Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter
Liquid Filter

The patented SANOVO Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter is designed especially for filtering liquid food products.

The unique design ensures no product loss and non-stop operation with automatic pushout of any waste product. The Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter is pneumatically driven and designed with 100% automatic CIP cleaning.

Capacity range: 500 up to 12,000 litres / hour

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