Egg Powder Ingredients – Global Awareness of Safety and Quality Assurance
Egg Powder Ingredients – Global Awareness of Safety and Quality Assurance

Food processing is an increasingly delicate subject for all stakeholders in the food supply chain – from production, over wholesale, to retail.

Everyone is paying more and more attention to food safety and implementing systems to trace and evaluate the processes of how the product flows through the value chain. After all, product safety and quality are their key business equity.

To obtain the best product quality, buyers of egg powder ingredients need to ensure that their producers operate at the highest standards. One aspect that is increasingly evaluated by buyers is the producer’s processing equipment and the state of the material which is in direct contact with the powder product. Processing equipment must be designed with food contact material approved parts.

Ovodan Europe is a key supplier of high-quality egg powdered ingredients, supplying to a wide range of customers across 70+ markets. Every year, the company welcomes a substantial number of external auditors carrying out a vast number of audits at sites. Henrik Pedersen, CEO at Ovodan, highlights: “In the past years, customers clearly have had an increased focus on the quality and the security of the equipment as well as the products themselves. Therefore, and to ensure continuing supplying these customers, our QA/QC teams are to embrace this focus on the equipment ensuring, that these at any time are in line with any given standards and requirements.”

Generally, buyers of egg powder ingredients are increasingly attentive about the circumstances under which products are produced to determine quality and security on the producer's side. For producers of egg powder, it is business-critical to align internally according to the buyer's needs; beginning with using equipment that is designed and engineered to live up to the operator's requirements with an emphasis on product safety and product quality standards.