On the 1st of October 2018, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP will establish a new company together with Gibotech with 50% shareholding by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and 50% shareholding Gibotech. 

Gibotech is a danish company that develops, implements and does maintenance on high tech automation and machine solutions to a wide variety of industries and customers. 

The new company will in the future produce automation and robotic solutions for customers in the egg handling industry.

Below you will find the official press release:

"Gibotech and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP together in new robot adventure

A more than successful project during the summer sparks an even closer cooperation between Gibotech and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, resulting in a new robot company, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS A/S.

The traffic has been heavy across Datavej during the summer where both companies have made frequent visits at each other developing a new robot cell for SANOVO’s palletizing facility. But a lot more has been at stake than the robot cell which was completed in just four weeks. The two neighbors have exploited the advantages from being situated side by side in Odense, which is rapidly becoming known as Denmark’s robot capital, and which is now getting one more robotics company. And it is not just anybody who is entering the robotics scene together with Gibotech.

Besides being a part of Thornico, a global conglomerate owned by the Stadil family, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is one of the world’s largest suppliers of machines and equipment for handling of eggs and egg products. The new organization will make SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS the sole supplier of SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and the company will develop automation and robotics solutions for the group’s various business areas.

And the goal is simple; to become the world’s leading supplier of robotics solutions for the egg industry.

- We are number one in the world within our field. And now we are going to expand our position to also include automation with robots and AGV systems. We believe that cooperating with Gibotech combined with our vast knowledge about the market and building complete process lines will make us strong together, says Michael Midskov, CEO, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

Stays in town

The two companies have been eying each other ever since Gibotech moved to Datavej in 2016. SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has ambitious goals for automation within the groups business areas and both companies see great advantages in exploiting the synergy that comes from being neighbors in Denmark’s number one robot city. Therefore, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS will also be situated on Datavej and will be physically placed under the same roof as Gibotech in number 15.

- It means a lot for both organizations that the new company will be based in the Gibotech headquarter, so the innovative and developing mindset which is the core of our business when developing robot cells, is also anchored in the new company, says Gibotech CEO, Henrik Anker.

Needs more people

Besides creating synergy between the two organizations, the creation of a new company will also positively impact the employment in Odense.

Because SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS is an independent organization, various competences will be needed, and the company is already looking for both project managers, technical designers, programmers and assembly workers.

- Obviously, when we create a new company, we will need more people. Even though we begin by moving some people from both Gibotech and SANOVO into SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS, we will also have to bring in new people. So, if anyone should be interested in building up the new company, they should keep an eye on our website and social media, Henrik Anker urges.

Besides from Gibotech, Henrik Anker will also be CEO of SANOVO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS.


Gibotech: Henrik Anker, CEO, ha%!%gibotech%#%dk, + 45 20 66 35 08"