New domicile in Denmark

To keep up with the demand from our customers we have moved the headquarters in Odense, Denmark, to new buildings. A new modern facility with lots of space for production, service training and administration.The new facility is 10,594 m2 and will fit the ...



has choosen: SANOVO TECHNOLOGY NETHERLANDS B.V. AS SECTOR WINNER/ REPRESENTATIVE 2016 IN THE EGG PROCESSING MACHINE INDUSTRY   Opinion of the Nomination Committee: drive, passion, innovation and vision, plus a 100% focus on the customer is makin...


Grand Opening: New office in Malaysia

To provide and even better service to our customers in Asia we have opened our new office in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The new office consists of a dedicated and strong team with sales consultants and service technicians who have worked in Asia within the e...


Walmart moves into cage-free eggs

The 5th of April, Walmart, the largest grocery chain in the US, with stores in 28 countries around the world, announced their decision to move into cage-free eggs on their Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. Walmart´s goal is to make transition during the nex...


We spread good karma with eggs

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has together with employees and suppliers donated a complete boiling and cooling machine to the farm. The machine is special designed by our engineers in order to accommodate local conditions and the entire operation is supported by solar energy


Day of Technical Science

The “Techniekdag” - translated “Day of Technical Science” - is an annual exhibition/event where local companies organise fun and technical things to do for children of the age 8 – 12. ...


Premium quality of separated egg product at low capacities

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic 2 is the latest model in the OptiBreaker family and offers small- and medium-scale egg operations to break and separate eggs with a yield and quality equivalent to the largest and most efficient production facilities in the world.


Introducing a new grader - 108,000 eggs/hour

Faster than its predecessor, a state-of-the-art operating system is combined with the latest cleanability features. This is the STAALKAT grader, built with the know-how of food safety and cleaning functions from the leader in egg processing; SANOVO TECHNO...