Premium quality of separated egg product at low capacities

Efficient and reliable egg breaking

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic 2 is the latest models in the OptiBreaker family and offers the for small- and medium-scale egg operations to break and separate eggs with a yield and quality, equivalent to the largest and most efficient production facilities in the world.

The rise in demand for high quality separated egg products seems to be unstoppable, and right now the price for clean albumen is booming. This is due to many new applications of egg products in the industrial food industry, along with an increasing focus on food safety around the world. Literally speaking, the SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic 2 is a revolution for the small- to medium-sized egg operations, as it offers the opportunity to take advantage of the same advanced technology as the largest and most efficient production facilities in the world.

Since The SANOVO OptiBreakers were introduced in 2006, they have proven themselves as the most efficient and reliable egg breaking and separation machines in the industry. With the high yield and a premium quality of separated egg product, the OptiBreakers have been a solid investment.

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic 2 is a small egg breaking and separation machine with a capacity of up to 60 cph or 21,600 eggs an hour. In spite of the small capacity, all the options and features of the large machines are available. This means that it is possible to upgrade the SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic 2 with advanced functions like a scanner and CIP.

In order to preserve the quality, the separated albumen and yolk needs to be pasteurised and packed as soon as possible. The SANOVO StreamLine 2 is the perfect match for the OptiBreaker Basic 2 and is a small skid-mounted pasteuriser capable of handling two products. Thus, a complete egg processing line capable of handling separated products is now available at a very competitive price.

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