Case story from Central America

Innovo has invested in SANOVO STREAMLINE.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP designs and builds processing solutions for some of the largest egg-processing factories in the world. However, the SANOVO StreamLine enables small-scale liquid plants to produce finished egg products at the same high quality as those from large processing facilities.

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP gives you the maximum attention.
Before making any decisions about supplier and equipment, Innovo visited SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP in Italy and went to see an existing plant to understand the various concepts of liquid egg processing and experience a processing plant in operation.

The project was discussed with Innovo in order to understand their specific needs and explain the benefits of SANOVO StreamLine. It was essential to Innovo that SANOVO StreamLine provided production of safe and high quality products, but at the same time minimised the costs of production and cleaning.

'We started investigating the international market of eggs, and we saw that the market of liquid egg was growing a lot. At the same time, it was an important factor for us to be able to extend the shelf life of the eggs in order to meet market fluctuations. So, we went to visit processing plants and exhibitions in the USA and Europe, and after many discussions about the definition of the plant, we chose SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP as our supplier.

We are very satisfied with the SANOVO equipment. The complete plant has been started up in only a few days, and we started breaking and pasteurising eggs only few days after the delivery of the plant. Our end product is of high quality, and the smell, taste and texture exhibits no difference when compared to shell eggs.

This is probably not the last time we will cooperate with SANOVO, as we are looking to expand in all of Central America, focussing on Panama in the near future.'

Pasteurised egg products

One SANOVO Streamline

The President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, has officially opened Innovo’s new egg processing plant in Naranjo, in the province of Alajuela.

See the video below.
The opening in Costa Rica of the first liquid egg industry in Central America.

See the video below.
President Luis Guillermo Solis highlights Innovo's contribution to the the economy of Naranjo.