Perfect flexibility with automation

With the normal variety of egg sizes from each chicken house and fitting this to the incoming orders, Vriesen is using a new strategy:

De-coupling the grader from the hen houses. This set up will give them the opportunity to pack whole batches from the known flock in combination with the incoming orders.

In order to fullfill the new strategy, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP installed a Farmpacker with a 72.000 egg / hour SANOVO Minipalletizer.

Vriesen-hof is now able to run the houses empty during weekends and holidays without having a whole inline grader crew. They simply have 1 employee running the operation with the Farmpacker and Minipalletizer.

Today Vriesen-hof has the economic benefit of less labor and on top of that the perfect balance between flock batches and required order specifications.

Quote Box Vriesen-hof

”This solution exactly fulfils our local market requirements”

Alexander Vriesen, 4. Generation of Vriesen-Hof