One of the largest egg processing facilities in the world

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, a long-standing supplier and partner of one of the leading Italian egg industry players, AIA, designed and realised a highly advanced automation upgrade at AIA’s existing processing plant in Verona, northern Italy.

The engineering and design process entailed intensive cooperation between AIA’s technical department, key account representatives from Siemens and SANOVO’s Automation Technicians. The aim of the project was to upgrade and modernise all the electrical, mechanical, electronic and software control of the existing automation. To achieve this objective, it was also necessary to install new field instruments, sensors and automatic valves.

Installation without loss of production time

One of the key challenges in this project was to implement the automation equipment without interrupting production for more than one weekend. This influenced the time schedule of the implementation, and the installation had to be stretched over two months. Thanks to excellent collaboration between the technicians at AIA and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, installation was completed without any extra loss of production time.

Dramatic improvement

The introduction of SCADA has radically changed the day-to-day operations of the AIA employees. Now, rather than rushing around the factory preparing and checking the products, they can sit comfortably in the control room from where they supervise every aspect of the process.

This automation project has dramatically improved the smooth running of production at AIA. The main benefit is that the entire plant is now managed by just two operators. Furthermore, since they can access all plant data directly from the control room, they can monitor and adjust the production schedule in real time, based on the incoming orders, thus optimizing the planning process.

Another major advantage relates to plant maintenance. Now that all the relevant information is available at the touch of a button, it can be combined with advanced diagnostics, thus virtually eliminating downtime due to technical faults.

The key success factor in this project has been the merging of AIA’s extensive process expertise with the SANOVO Technicians’ know-how, passion and willingness to push back the boundaries in search of continual improvement.

Machines in the project

The complete plant is composed of two SANOVO OptiBreaker lines, various filtering lines, more than 20 tanks, three SANOVO Pasteurizers, two SANOVO Waves, powder dosing and various filling equipment and the SANOVO Automation Solution.

I’m very satisfied with the optimisation performed in my factory which will enable us to supply our customers with the specialised products they require much more efficiently. The cooperation with SANOVO has been exceptional, and I’m sure this is just a starting point from where we will continue to develop and optimise new, complex solutions in the future.

General Manager AIA


It has been a very intensive project, but now we can really appreciate all the benefits it will bring us. Today, factory maintenance is much easier, and we have a perfect, real-time overview of the daily production. Furthermore, our downtime has been reduced to zero.

Plant Maintenance Manager AIA

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