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N&N Agriculture

Ma Chin Chew, owner of N&N Agriculture in Singapore, wanted to upgrade their egg grading and packing facility in order to reduce manpower

Garvin Farms

Mike Garvin of Garvin Farms in Winnsboro, Texas talks about his experience with our Hatchery packer and how it has cut his labor costs and ensured better conditions for his eggs

Craig Meyers - Perdue Breeder Farmer

Craig Meyers was was able to expand his production after he acquired a SANOVO Hatchery Packer

McKennie Breeder Farm

Michael McKennie from McKennie Breeder Farm located in Russellville, Alabama is explaining why he purchased a Hatchery Packer and Grader Machine, and the impact this automation has had on his overall operation


Small but efficient local egg processing plant to conquer the market in Central America. The Central America-based company, Innovo, has invested in SANOVO StreamLine to meet a growing demand for safe and high quality pasteurised egg products

Casa Do Aido

Casa do Aido continues to grow its successful business, and in order to cope with increasing demand, it was time to invest in a new higher-capacity grading line. The existing grader had been a reliable partner for 18 years, and, in spite of heavy use, Casa do Aido had not lost a single day of production since the grader was installed

Ready Egg

Ready Egg purchased an OptiBreaker Plus 12 line in October 2012 for its factory in Manor Water House Farm, Fermanagh, as a replacement for a Coenraadts breaker. They purchased a second OptiBreaker Plus 12 in December 2013 for their new factory in the UK

Adriaan Goede B.V.

In April 2014, Adriaan Goede B.V. replaced its old egg-breaking and separation equipment with two SANOVO OptiLine 12 systems.

"Besides amazing improvements in yield and product quality, the implementation of the breakers has been an eye-opening experience"

Les Oeufs Geslin

When Les OEufs Geslin decided to upgrade its egg breaking and separation line, the focus was to obtain higher quality of its separated products, improving its separation rate and increasing yields. Thus, improvements were expected, but reality proved even better and opened up new production planning possibilities


The market for consumer packed eggs in South America is growing rapidly but is also unpredictable. Remaining sufficiently competitive to achieve business success in this market requires flexibility, and that was exactly what Eduardo Ordóñez (owner) and Santiago Zaffarano (farm manager) were looking for when they decided to expand their egg-grading business


A long-time grading customer decided to establish a complete egg powder plant, including breaking, pasteurisation and drying of whole eggs, yolks and egg whites.All machinery was delivered by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP

Ferme de Kervenac'h

Read how Patrick Charpin (owner of Ferme de Kervenac'h) improved factory efficiency and profitability by installing an OptiGrader 400

La Fourcade

Loic Thomas, owner of La Fourcade, runs the most advanced automatic plants in the world. With new technology, everything is automatically controlled and monitored. From receipt of eggs to final shipment, everything is automatic

Ft. Recovery Equity

Read why Bill Glass, president and CEO of Ft. Recovery Equity, chose to install an OptiGrader 600


Vriesen-hof was looking to further improving the efficiency of their present in-line Alpha grader plant which they have been operating for more than ten years


EGGS PRODUCT GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW ROLNYCH SP. Z O.O. has grown to become one of the biggest egg-producing and processing companies in Poland