Company Karma Reports

In the fall of 2019 through a material aspects review, we have strategically identified three focus areas to keep us aligned when implementing activities throughout the organization.

A more focused Company Karma work will be continued going forward.

The scope of our reports focuses on SANOVO TECNOLOGY GROUP’s manufacturing companies.  


We are part of THORNICO's annual Company Karma report. 

Read about the 2019 karma achievements of the entire THORNICO group.

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Read about our dedication to Company Karma in our 2020 Company Karma Report covering the achievements from 2019.

The scope of the report focuses on SANOVO TECNOLOGY GROUP’s manufacturing companies.

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"We aim to provide a balanced overview that identifies the impacts and risks of our work as well as our activities that contributes towards a more sustainable world"

Vicky Engsted

Head of Marketing & Communication / Company Karma Responsible