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We’ve interviewed employees from different business areas who are happy to tell you about the impact they are making. Discover why they joined the company, what they enjoy about their job and what makes working with us so special.

Product Manager - Italy
Roberto Roversi - working in the company since 1998

What makes SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP a great company to work in?
I think it’s a mixture of different things. The way the organisation behaves and challenges the market is great, I think. Also, you can feel that it’s a Danish company; in a good way. It’s very structured and organised, not leaving much room for coincidence, but mixed with other cultures. For example, Italian culture brought more imagination into the company.

Sales support - Denmark
Adriana Larsen - working in the company since 2015

I’m from Colombia, and this is my first job in Denmark. It is a challenge to start over again. But my colleagues have been very nice, and I feel part of the team now.

The work environment, how employees are treated here, is very different from Colombia. In the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, I feel that my boss supports me and motivates me to work, and my colleagues work like a team to reach the same goal.

Project manager - Italy
Martin Olsen - working in the company since 2004

I’ve had the opportunity to be seconded for some time. This has influenced my career in a positive way and also my personal life, actually. I got the opportunity to be seconded in Italy, and along with that, I also established a family in Italy.

If I compare STG with my previous workplaces, the organisational structure is very flat, there’s not much of a gap between the 'bottom' and the 'top'. The corporate culture and the leadership are very contemporary, and this serves to promote dialogue and transparency. STG, as a workplace, has also developed me as a person, because I’ve had opportunities to develop my competencies and to be inspired by colleagues through teamwork.

Service Manager, Robotics - Denmark
Morten Dahl Knudsen - working in the company since 2015

Started as a Field Service Engineer and worked with installation and service on plants around the world and travelling was a big part of my job.

From 1st April 2018 I was appointed Service Manager, Robotics. I work with planning and execution of service and installation of robotics at global level, in close cooperation with all service and project departments in the organization.

My workday is characterized by having many different tasks from receiving customer requests to support the organization with service issues within robotics and coordinate the service activities globally. No days are the same!

General Manager - Asia
Nourredine El Molaka - working in the company since 2007

I like that I’ve got a diverse workday where I’m in contact with and meeting a lot of different people.

Another advantage in my job is that I have the opportunity to develop my career. There isn’t a certain career path laid out for you, but you have the chance to create your own path if you take the opportunities offered to you. In eight years I’ve worked my way up from being in sales support to being the future general manager in our new Malaysian office. I’m grateful for this.

Production Worker - Denmark
Michael Madsen - working in the company since 2007

I find my job very exciting, and I like that we have what we call: freedom with responsibility - we have the opportunity to organise our own work, as long as we meet the deadline. At the same time, I’ve the best colleagues you could wish for, and we have a very unpretentious culture.

We don’t really distinguish between CEOs and production workers. Everyone speaks freely with each other, and there’s a great team spirit.

Manager Operations - The Netherlands
El Mehdi Lasfar - working in the company since 2011

It’s a great company to work in, because it’s dynamic and it’s growing. Working here makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. It’s a company really living out its values, and we’ve an extended version of CSR.

As an employee, there’s also opportunities for advancement depending on your motivation. But I would say that it’s easy to get motivated here.

Controller - Denmark
Martin Livoni - working in the company since 2013

There is a positive atmosphere in the whole group, and everyone is working towards the same goal – making SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP a profitable and great place to work. This means mutual respect for one another, whilst the atmosphere is casual and friendly.

The management is very good at recognising the work which is being done by the employees and also good at showing their appreciation.

Field Service Engineer - Denmark
Mikkel Støvlbæk Hedegaard – working in the company since 2018

In my job a typical workday is uncommon. Right now, I’m still learning everything, so if I’m in-house I use my time in production and to help build and test the equipment.

As a Field Service Engineer, I’m going to take care of installations and service on plants around the world, so travelling is a big part of my job.

So far, I’ve been travelling with a mentor, but soon I’ll be going alone.

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