Company Values

Our four values

In SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP we have defined four values, which we expect each employee to live up to and act upon.


We focus on our customers and quality and know when an extra effort is needed. We involve ourselves in and offer challenging work tasks to enable us to attract and develop committed and adaptable employees. We create job satisfaction and motivation in an innovative environment, with a focus on reaching good solutions.


We work with our customers and other stakeholders to meet the current and future market needs. We cooperate and coordinate at all levels and across borders. We share knowledge and are aware of opportunities for improvement to create innovative solutions. We are dynamic and innovative and act as catalysts for development of new ideas/concepts or new ways to work ('work smarter not harder'). We have an open and honest dialogue and show respect for each other's differences.


We respond quickly to market changes and demands. We are all willing to change, learn and develop. We show drive and interaction in solving tasks. We have an open-minded and pro-active approach and a work environment characterised by informality and flexibility. We make decisions based on what serves the customer best.


We act skilfully and in a service-oriented manner towards customers and other stakeholders. We show respect to colleagues, customers, environment, nationality and culture. We are creative and share ideas as input to develop our business. We think and work at a GROUP level. We are responsible towards Human, Globe & Economy in accordance with Company Karma.