Building a dream
KarmaProject 2016

One of our staff: Adriana Larsen added her personal Karma Project to the MyKarma Website and won THORNICO Karma Project of the Year Award in 2016 for her efforts in building homes in Colombia.

Here, she gives a unique insight into the project.  


In November 2016 I won the THORNICO My Karma prize of DKK 25,000 with the project “Building a Dream”. Giving me the opportunity to build and realize a new dream for a Colombian family. With the prize money, I and the team have researched the best program for building this new house, and after our experience, we decided to build it with “Fundación Catalina Muñoz”.

I want to thank SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP and THORNICO because winning the My Karma contest is giving me a great opportunity for happiness and giving my job a new meaning while providing help for my people and homeland away from Denmark. I want to give special thanks to Christian Stadil, who, through this project, is making dreams come true, and not only taking care of his business and employees but helping to build a better world for all. Showing us that the slogan “Doing good while doing business” is real and his commitment to spreading good karma is really working.


It takes a team effort

Adriana Larsen and her girlfriends from the kindergarten 40 years ago have previously done something similar, and this time, during spring 2017, they contacted the auxiliary organization Fundación Catalina Muñoz, who selected the family to move into the 25 m2 house . The family would own the land and cast the foundation, while Fundación Catalina Muñoz provided construction materials and safety equipment (helmets, gloves and dust masks) for the money from Denmark, just as they asked for some volunteers who had tried to build such a house before. Adriana Larsen and her girlfriends provided their own and their men and children’s labor. In total, the group of friends had collected 28 people.

The new homeowners

In early May, the project became reality. The relief organization had found the family consisting of Juan Pablo Salazar, his wife Yuly Lizeth and their twin daughters, Nayeli and Emili, for 3 months in the poor suburb of Usme, a two-hour bus ride south of downtown Bogota.The family had so far lived in a room with his parents. The house was built right next to his parents’ house, and they chose not to get any kitchen or toilet because they could still use his parents.

Watch the amazing video of the entire project!
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